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One Mistake of Centrifugal Pump Selection

When high head water pump used for low head condition, many user think the pump pressure is lower, the electric motor load will be less. With this wrong consideration, when they purchase water pump, they usually select a very high pressure pump.
Actually for centrifugal water pump, when confirm pump model, the power consumption proportional to pump real flow rate. But the flow rate will reduce with an increase of pressure(head), so the pressure is higher, the flow rate will be smaller, the power consumption will be less. Otherwise, lower head, bigger flow rate, the power consumption will be more. So to prevent motor overload, general request is pump actual pumping pressure shouldn’t low than 60% of design head. If for emergency application, the outlet pipe must be installed with a gate valve(adjust flow rate), to reduce flow rate, prevent motor overload.
Notice the electric motor temperature, if you found motor overheating, we should reduce pump outlet flow rate or close the pump.
This point is also easy make misleading, some people think block pump outlet, force to reduce flow rate, the electric motor load will be increased. In fact, just the opposite, there is gate valve installed on formal produced large power centrifugal pump, in order to reduce motor load when start up, we should close the gate valve first, when electric motor start up, then open the gate valve gradually.

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