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ISO 2858 pump

Centrifugal pump with a wide range of performance, uniform flow, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance, and many other advantages, centrifugal pumps in industrial production the most widely used. According to statistics, in the petroleum, chemical apparatus used in an amount of 70 to 80% of the total amount of centrifugal pumps. 
Except when using the reciprocating pump requires metering at high pressure low flow metering pumps, conveying viscous liquid containing gas with a vortex pump or positive displacement pumps (reciprocating pump or pump rotor) and rotor pump, the other occasions, most use centrifugal . Therefore An Pump Machinery Engineers DEPT and R & D Department to understand and master commonly used standard centrifugal pumps, and depending on the device, different conditions to selection criteria, so make centrifugal pump meet long period, safe operation and energy requirements.

Such as ISO5199 pump
ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO5199 Technical Specification for Centrifugal Pumps, ClassⅡ (centrifugal Technical specifications Ⅱ grade), mainly based on German DIN standards. Its dimensions, performance in line with ISO2858 standards; base in line with ISO3661; mechanical seal or soft packing cavity dimensions conform to ISO3069; performance tests Class B compliance ISO3555, C grade in line with ISO2548.
China's GB5656, Germany DINISO5199, France NFISO5199 equivalent to ISO5199; BS6836 British equivalent to using ISO5199. Chinese GB5662, Germany DIN24256, British BS5257, France NFE44121, equivalent or equivalent mining ISO2858.

ISO and ANSI pumps pump
ISO5199 (including identical or referring to the standard of the national standards, such as our GB / T5656), ANSIB73.1M / B73.2M criteria, the light load of petroleum, chemical industry centrifugal pump, driver and auxiliary equipment in the design, manufacture , inspection, testing and delivery status and other aspects of the basic requirements. This scope and requirements of the two standards is basically the same, their application parameters as follows:
(1) Rated discharge pressure ≤1.96MPa (G);
(2) medium temperature <260 ℃;
(3) The driver power ≤110kW;
(4) Maximum speed <3600r / min;
(5) Rated lift ≤120m;
(6) the maximum suction pressure ≤0.5MPa (G);
(7) The maximum impeller diameter ≤333mm.

In line with ISO5199 (including equivalents or referring to the standard national standard) chemical centrifugal pump called ISO; meet ANSIB73.1M / B73.2M standard chemical centrifugal pump called the NSI. among them:
(1) ISO5199 (including identical or referring to the standard of the national standard) applies to horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump;
(2) ASMEB73.1M standard only applies to foot-mounted horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump;
(3) ASMEB73.2M standard applies to vertical pipeline centrifugal pump, ie Table 1 OH3, OH4, OH5.

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